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The DBP was created with one plan and one goal in mind, to give back.

The Dream Builders Project (DBP) is a Los Angeles-based, nonprofit organization. Founded in October 2013, The DBP was created with one plan and one goal in mind, to give back to the community. As an action-based charity, The DBP is committed to community growth by assisting other charities, nonprofits, organizations, and foundations also dedicated to making the world a better place. The DBP hosts charitable events, and organizes food and clothing drives to fund and raise awareness for several of Los Angeles’ key social issues, including child abuse, homelessness, and severe illness and disease.


2014 was full of exciting events

The Dreambuilders Project’s first few years have been incredibly exciting. From repairing an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, to assisting the homeless of Los Angeles, offering school equipment to children in the Philippines, and hosting a gala to raise funds for victims of child abuse, The DBP is blown away by what it’s been able to achieve so far. The DBP is thankful to its sponsors and volunteers for supporting it in the fight for the improvement and advancement of people and communities around the world.


Eunime Orphanage


On March 28, 2015, The DBP staff and volunteers will be heading to Tijuana, Mexico to revisit Eunime, an orphanage that provides HIV-positive children with a loving and supportive home. The DBP will spend the weekend visiting the children, upgrading and refurbishing the orphanage, and offering supplies to the 25 children that reside there.
The DBP is gladly accepting volunteers and donations, so feel free to get in contact if you are interested in being involved!



In the month of April 2015, The Dream Builders Project will be hosting a Flash Mob Charity Event. The DBP team and volunteers will be putting together and handing out survival kits for the homeless community in the greater Los Angeles area. The kits will include first aid necessities, clothing and food items. In doing this, The DBP hopes to provide a small amount of relief while raising awareness about the city that’s dubbed “the homeless capital of the US”. The DBP and participating volunteers will ensure the event has a dominant presence on social media, expanding the outreach and spreading the word across the country, and beyond.


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